The live cells


Through implantation by injection, the body is provided with fetal and juvenile cells containing a high concentration of biological substrates and trace elements. The growth and development potential inherent in the juvenile cells is a prerequisite for the perfection and regeneration of tissue and organ functions. The essential nutrients and energy sources in fetal tissues and cells are supposed to create the opportunity for the regeneration and revitalization of imperfect and dysfunctional organs. It has been demonstrated, by radioactive marking of the cell preparations, that the specific cells migrate to the respective target organs.


For each disease, there is a pill – but there is no pill for the gradual deterioration of your health. Susceptibilities to infection, depression or allergies do not normally occur independently of each other. Rather, these are often symptoms of an overall poor physical condition.

Unfortunately, people are often led to believe that everything can be solved with drugs. Or they are told that they themselves are responsible for their own condition – that they just have to eat consciously and exercise more. But it’s not that simple. A person’s health is a very complex phenomenon which is not helped by extremes. Usually, a weakened body first needs help before it can help itself.


This is the essence of live cell therapy. The organs are supported in their work of regeneration of the entire body. Essential to the injection of individually produced cell preparations is the activation of a natural process. This delays degradative intracellular processes resulting from toxic oxidative processes and stimulates the renewal of the body’s own cells.


Results of the therapy range from a noticeable increase in activity and resilience to relief from chronic complaints, as well as the enhancement of general well-being and vitality. A requirement of successful therapy, however, is optimal medical care. This includes both many years of experience with live cell therapy for various indications as well as the highest quality standards in the production of cell preparations.

Prof. Dr. Peter Smrz is one of the leading minds in the field of cell therapy. He has dedicated himself from the beginning to holistic medical treatment methods and is primarily dedicated to patients who have been unable to find help in the conventional routines of the health system. His decades of experience, particularly in the biological/alternative treatment of cancer, form the basis of his understanding of live cell therapy as part of a comprehensive physical revitalization.


Depending on the patient’s medical history, our practice also provides a multitude of additional therapeutic options such as homeopathy, acupuncture, detoxification or nutritional counseling. Because the mission of Peter Smrz and his team is a rehabilitation of the body’s own healing processes that is as sustainable as possible. Live cell therapy provides the central key here.